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Take the PUP Pledge Today and Get Free Pet Goodies!

The City of Columbus is encouraging pet owners to take the PUP (Pick Up Poop) Pledge.

  • Scoop your dog‘s poop to help protect our water from harmful bacteria.

  • It’s the law to PUP when walking your dog and in your own backyard too.

When you take the PUP Pledge, you earn recognition as a Columbus “GreenSpot”. This means you have joined the ranks of thousands of other Columbus residents, businesses and community groups taking steps toward and environmentally responsible lifestyle of protecting our water, saving energy and recycling.

The following are simple things you can do to make your home a “GreenSpot”:

  • Turn off water while soaping your pup during bath time

  • Walk your pup on short trips instead of driving to save fuel

  • Don’t leave lights or tv on for your pup while you are away

  • Before you give your pup fresh water, use old water on plants

  • Try to buy pup treats in bulk

  • Donate items your pup outgrows to local shelters

For more information and to take the PUP Pledge, visit:

PUP Hotline: 614-724-3000

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