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Pet Sitting

Here's how it works

Pre-service visit at no charge
  • First, we will get to know you and your pet by meeting with you one-on-one to:

    • answer all your questions before the start of care.

    • review the completed “New Client Packet”.

    • take notes on your instructions on how to care for your pet.

    • take a tour of your pets home so we know all of their favorite things and places.


  • Next, we give you our commitment to follow your care instructions as a checklist and we will follow it to a "T" from our heart.

    • To make the process as simple as possible for you, the transfer of keys to begin your services will happen at the end of this visit.


Please allow and schedule at least 30 minutes for this visit.

You can customize your pet’s care
by mixing and matching the visits based on your pet's needs.
Standard visit – thirty minutes = $23 
  • We come to your home where your pet feels most happy.

  • Your home will be filled with playtime, kisses, back rubs, cuddles, wagging tails and love.

  • We will lovingly follow your pet care instructions.  This includes feeding, fresh water, walks, potty breaks, cleaning the litter box and giving oral or topical medication your pet may need. 

  • We are happy to keep an eye on your home by doing such things as watering your indoor plants, attending to your garbage, bringing in your mail, packages and newspaper.

  • For your peace of mind we perform crime-deterring measures.  Your home will have a “lived in” look while you are away as we will gladly turn lights off and on and open and close blinds.

  • Most dogs will need two to four “standard visits” per day.

  • “Cat only” homes are best with one “standard visit” per day.


Extended visit – forty-five minutes to one hour = $31 to $38
  • All services of the ”standard visit” are provided.

  • The additional time is great for multiple pets, pet with special needs, longer walks or supervised feedings.

  • “Extended visit” is a necessity for three or more pets.

Short visit – fifteen minutes = $18
  • A short visit gives your pet enough time for a potty break, playtime, fresh water and a snack.

  • Your pet will be taken out in your fenced in backyard or given a short walk.

  • A short visit is recommended as a third or fourth visit per day.


Overnight Visit – Twelve hours = $130 per night
  • Let us spoil your pet.  We will come and have a sleepover paw-ty with them at your home.

  • Your pet will receive extra cuddle time, playtime, exercise and we will lovingly follow your special care instructions.

  • Includes one free “short visit” during the day.

  • The overnight visit typically lasts from 8pm to 8am.

  • We have limited availability for the overnight visit, so please make your reservation at least two weeks in advance.


You will not be charged extra for each pet.

We only charge for the extra time that your pets might need.

You will receive texts and picture messages letting you know how your pet is doing
so you never have to worry while you are away.
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