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6 Reasons To Choose a Pet Sitter Over a Kennel

Our pets are part of the family and the care they receive is as important as the care for any other family member. When faced with travel, a pet owner should consider some reasons to choose a Pet Sitter where their pet can “Stay at Home” versus a Kennel.

  1. Our pets are most comfortable at home! Let’s face it, aren’t we all more comfortable in a familiar environment. New places, loud noises and strangers can make anyone feel scared or uncomfortable. By staying at home our pets are able to follow their normal eating, medication and exercise routines. Such familiarity contributes to the health and happiness of our pets.

  2. By staying at home our pets do not experience the trauma of traveling. Traveling away from home can be stressful for you and your pet. In addition, you are not inconvenienced by having to transport your pet to the kennel or picking them up at a certain day or time and paying for extra days when you do not need them. It is a pleasure to return home to find a healthy and happy pet awaiting your arrival and your home just as you left it.

  3. Exposure to illness, parasites and accidents with other animals is minimized at home. Pets are better protected at home by keeping them in a safer and familiar environment.

  4. A Pet Sitter keeps an eye on your home while you are away. Pet sitters give a home a lived in look by bringing in the mail and newspaper, turning lights on and off, and opening and closing curtains or blinds. Such crime deterring measures result in additional peace of mind while you are away from home.

  5. A Pet Sitter is only a phone call away. Who hasn’t left on vacation and wondered, “Did I turn off the coffee pot (or iron or oven)?” A phone call to your pet sitter for a visit to your home can put your mind at ease.

  6. Pets receive loving, individual attention from their personal Pet Sitter. Pet Sitters can be counted on to treat each pet and home as if it were their own.

Let us become your peace of mind provider! Doesn’t every member of your family deserve the best care possible?

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