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Indoor games for you and your dog

During the colder winter months like the one we are currently in, (January), your dog may not be as eager to go outside for necessary exercise. Even if your four legged friend doesn’t mind the cold, you probably do! Today I wanted to share some indoor games I have found that you can play with your dog. There are more than you think, and they do not require a lot of room in many cases. Here are some games I found:

  • The Muffin Tin Game This was one of the more innovative ideas I found to keep your dog happy and entertained. Take a regular muffin tin and place some treats in a few of the muffin holes. Then place tennis balls over the treats and have your dog find the treats by moving the balls. Once your dog gets the idea you can vary the holes or even hide the tin.

  • Go...Stop This game is based on the children’s red light green light game and will help teach and sharpen your pet’s ability to listen to your commands. You can create obstacle courses around the house or apartment and utilize a leash if you like. The trick is getting your dog to understand “stop”. As your pet gets better at walking the indoor course and halting when instructed, he or she will carry the improved skill on outdoor walks when the warmer months arrive.

  • The Shell Game Cups are used in this famous game. The first step is to show your dog how to play the game. Place three cups upside down on the floor (playing this game on a wood or tile floor will work best) and place a treat under only one of the cups making sure your dog does not see it. Slide the cups around on the floor being careful not to expose the treat. Knock over the cup with the treat and let your dog have the treat. Now they should be eager to play. Follow the steps again to see if your dog can find the treat on their own. If your dog picks the wrong cup, they get nothing and the game starts over, but if they get it right, they get a treat.

  • Hide and Treat Yes, you can play the classic “Hide and Seek” children’s game with your dog. Have a friend hold your dog while you go hide. Keep the hiding places simple like they would be for a pre-school child. Then have your helper encourage the dog to find you. When they do, reinforce the action with a treat.

Indoor games for dogs do not have to be very complicated and can be quite fun for both dog and owner while also providing necessary training and exercise for your pet during the winter months.


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