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6 Tips to Pet Proof Your Christmas Tree

It is important to make sure your Christmas tree is safe for your pets. Cats especially are enticed by the shinny, dangling objects and are at risk for dangers associated with climbing the tree. The following suggestions will help keep your pet safe and accident free during the Holidays:

  1. Prevent trees from toppling over. Use a wide, heavy base and secure the tree to the ceiling or wall with a strong, clear fishing wire.

  2. Inspect tree lights and electrical cords regularly and remove promptly if damaged. Chewed wires are dangerous for pets but can also be a fire hazard.

  3. Avoid using tinsel, string or ribbons that your pet could ingest. These items can cause blockages to their digestive tract.

  4. Place edible, small, and breakable ornaments higher on the tree.

  5. Keep your pets from drinking from the tree and avoid adding chemicals to the water. Stagnant water and many chemicals can cause an upset stomach or even poisoning. In addition water can form bacteria which can be harmful to your pet. Change the water often and cover it with a tree skirt or aluminum foil.

  6. Utilize the following ideas to help keep your cat away from the tree.

  7. Place aluminum foil at the base of the tree and wrap the trunk. Cats don’t like the feel of their claws on the foil.

  8. Cats dislike the scent of citrus. Spray your tree with a citrus oil extract and/or place orange peels under the tree. A spray product called “Bitter Apple” may also be successful in keeping pets away from danger.

Taking time to give some attention to these minor issues can help avoid an unwanted trip to the vet and assure a happy Holiday Season for the entire family.

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